1973 super beetle vert.

Super beetles.

They take a lot of flak in the vw community. Those drawn toward early model type 1s commonly scoff at supers. The super beetle is a far superior vehicle. IRS in the rear and McPherson struts in the front. The suspension on the super beetle took cues from the race track. When throwing the car into a tight turn it tucks in, ready to jet out of the turn, smooth and controlled. A typical type one will rattle along the apex, wandering around the suggested path. The super tracks the road like a needle in the groove of a record. The 1600cc dual port engine whistles along, providing enough speed bone stock for a thrilling ride. When something like a 1914cc stroker is used, it can be downright terrifying.

Then we get to the vert. Less weight than the super. Lower center of gravity. No other beetle can compare to the agility of the super vert. Even the turning radius was tightened up.

That is what I had the pleasure of working on this week. Replaced the spark plugs, points, and condenser. Valve and carb adjustments. New throttle and clutch cables. New break shoes all around.

The adjusters were frozen in the back. They required a few drops of Kroil and a some muscle to finally work them loose. Spider webs in each drum, helped date how long it had been sitting.

Two weekends of tinkering has brought the zip back into this 40+ year old car. All it needs now is a good detailing, and it's back to the owner ready for a new life.


Beetles are basically toys. Go have fun in one.

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