Transaxle upgrade

I have never had a vw transmission go out on me, but there is a first for everything. I was on day three of my engine break in, and a knocking started to develop faint at first, but got louder quickly. It sounded like a blown CV joint. Clicking loudly with each rotation of the wheel. It only made noise when under load, another common symptom of a bad CV joint.

We determined rather quickly that the cv joints were ok once it was on the lift. The sound was coming from inside the transaxle. Once we popped it open the failure was clear. Two sheared teeth on the drive gear.


Part of Volkswagen culture, if your doing it right, is community. That evening I had put my situation on blast. Sounding a mayday on social media, looking for a useable 002 transaxle. The community delivered. That weekend I met up with a friend who said they had what I needed.

When he opened the trunk of his car, there was no 002 transmission. Instead, I was greeted by the familiar 5 rib structure of a 091 transaxle. Once of the best built transaxles Volkswagen ever made.

I had always wanted one. But I could never find one within my budget, or at the right time when I already had the engine out. We had to swap the bell housing from my 002. After a good clean up with a wire brush I gave it a coat of engine enamel. It looks fantastic.

Most importantly. I'm setup for travel now. Better than I have ever been in the past. I have a completely reconditioned drive train. I have a gearbox that will take me anywhere, new engine to push it. I'm almost ready to roll.

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